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Loofah Dog Toys
2012/6/18      Read:1507

Now here’s some unusual dog toys that provide hours of exciting entertainment with the benefits of tartar removal and overall dog gum and tooth care.

Loofahs are not just for bath time anymore. Now your dog can have a toy made from 100% Organic Loofah plant. Loofah is in the same family as cucumber, pumpkin and melon. This all natural toy will provide hours of enjoyment while helping remove tartar and build-up from your pets teeth in a safe, healthy way. Loofah Pet Toys are great for the environment because a tree is planted for every toy sold.

The Loofah Dog Toys are made with 100%   Organic Loofah which comes from real vegetables and is completely safe if ingested by your dog.

There are lots of Loofah Pet Toys to choose from and they are all very bright and colorful with funny extremities and plenty of chewable enjoyment to be had by your pup.

The Loofah Pet Toy qualities include:

·          100% organic

·          Helps promote teeth and gum health

·          A tree is planted for every Loofah toy sold

·          There are lots of Loofah toys to choose from

·          They are under $2.00 each

These unusual dog toys are fun and also support a great cause! Buy a few for your dog and its friends to enjoy together!


Author:Rita zhao



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